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Purpose Of NBCC

The National Border Collie Council (Aust) held its Inaugural Annual General Meeting in 2002, and was recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) same year. The NBCC is not a body to register Border Collies. Border Collies registered under the auspice of the ANKC are registered by controlling bodies at a state level; links to each state is below.


Inquiries for registration of Border Collies should be directed to the relevant state controlling body, which can be found via this link . The ANKC as a canine body was originally established to foster the conformation exhibitions, or showing aspects of the pure bred dog, with the showing of dogs being compared to the breed standard for the particular breed, in addition to maintaining a stud book of pure bred dogs, and registration of pure bred dogs.

The ANKC (cont.)

Over the years, the ANKC has expanded its operations to include canine performance activities; for example Agility, Herding and Obedience. There are a number of performance activities for dogs, both ANKC pure bred recognised, and those which do not have a recognised pedigree or are of unknown origin, named as Associates. The ANKC also promotes responsible canine ownership, and monitors canine health and welfare issues.


The registration of Border Collies bred for livestock work is undertaken by various bodies located around the states of Australia. The pinnacle body for this is the Australian Sheep Dog Workers Association, to which state bodies are affiliated. This link takes you direct to page listing state bodies affiliated with the ASDWA Another body also register working Border Collies, founding in 1996, is The Australian Working Border Collie Registry,

Uniting The States

New South Wales

Border Collie Club of New South Wales Inc – Secretary Ms Ann Moy e:   website:

New South Wales Southern District Country Border Collie Club Inc  Secretary Mrs Leeanne Birch e: website:



vicBorder Collie Club of Victoria Inc – secretary Mrs Noeline Mc Ilroy e:  website:


Border Collie Club of Queensland Inc – Secretary Ms Sally Everist e:   website:



Border Collie Club of Tasmania Inc – Secretary Mrs Mary French e: no website


Common Border Collie Colours

Objects of the National Border Collie Council

Legislate By -Laws
To encourage Member Clubs to hold approved events. To legislate to make By -Laws and do other acts, matters and things as may be necessary to promote all or any of the objects of the NBCC acting at all times at the direction of the Member Clubs. To promote a national body capable of acting on a national basis on behalf of the Border Collie. To encourage and support research into hereditary diseases affecting Border Collies.
Rules and Regulations
To seek registration with the ANKC, and if recognized, agree to be bound by the Rules and Regulations, and directions of the ANKC for the time being in force. To become associated with overseas Border Collie organizations with objects kindred to the objects of the NBCC. To collect, verify, publish, circulate and otherwise make use of statistical information relating to the Border Collie.
Quality of Breeding & Promotion
To encourage and promote the quality of breeding, care, training and exhibition of the Border Collie. To educate and encourage exhibitors, Breeders and Judges to abide by the Border Collie Breed Standard, as approved by the ANKC. To enable Member Clubs to take co-operative action on matters which such Clubs agree are of common interest and for their mutual benefit in the promotion of the Border Collie. To allocate the title of "Border Collie National” to Championship Shows, Trials and/or Events for use of Member Clubs, subject always to the approval of the State or Territory Controlling Body and the ANKC.
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