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The Border Collie

border-collie7Brief Historical overview of the Border Collie

The name Border Collie was never heard of until after 1900 when the word "Border" was used to denote the area in which a series of trials were held, whether on the Scottish or English side of the border between the 2 countries.

The first sheep dog trials were held at Bala in Wales in 1873 and were won by a Scottish dog named "Tweed".

Another dog of importance to the breed was a dog named "Old Hemp' who most historians believed that very few herding breeds are free of his bloodlines.

The Border Collie as a specific breed probably emerged during the 1870's and Australia's first recorded import was in 1901.

It is believed that the first Border Collies were benched at a show in 1907.

The breed had a mixed intro to the show world but it was not until 1933 the breed was shown under its own name, and even up until 1950 it was under the class of "Any other variety".

It was not until 1951 when Australia used a breed standard adopted by breeders so admitting the Border Collie to the show world, in 1963 a National Breed standard was approved by the ANKC as until that date each state had its own standard.

From that date the breed has prospered from a time when judges started looking for their winners in the line-up after the Borders, Now the breed is highly respected and most times features in group and in show awards, thanks much to our devoted breeders of the past and our present enthusiastic breeders/owners.

The breed has had a mixed but short existence into the pure breed dog world compared to other breeds, but its popularity has now seen it shown world wide with huge success, and with careful planning and a unified National approach the breed can only become better, healthier and consistent as a Breed

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